Industries we provide solutions for

Factory Automation Systems

Mobile Automation has been designing and building factory automation systems that meet and exceed client expectations for a range of industries. Our solutions include, but are not limited to:

    • Creating vision and control systems into a powerfully integrated solution
    • Preparing a long-range plan for migrating all legacy control systems into the latest technology
    • Effectively installing sophisticated control systems in a professionally-built control panel
    • Delivering a cost-conscious package of hardware and software components

Expert Solutions Built Around Your Objectives

As a leader in full-service, customised factory automation solutions and products, Mobile Automation offers a range of options – from diagnostic services to complex automated control systems built from the ground up. Regardless of industry, our automation team continues to set new standards in automation through a tailored blend of products, automation integration systems.

Our Robotics team of specialists can develop solutions using our highly trained staff and look to integrate robot automation, collaborative robots with our Robot range of applications.

Factory Automation Partners

Through a stringent focus on advanced technology, Mobile Automation has successfully delivered innovative factory automation solutions which give our clients a competitive edge by improving efficiencies to enable increased production. To learn more, contact us today to speak with an automation specialist.