As an automation specialist, we are at the forefront of introducing collaborative robot technologies to industry. We aspire to help businesses of all sizes automate, streamline, increase efficiencies and competitiveness through robotics.

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Pick & Place Application

Project: Develop a new automated solution for a manual process, that was slow and time consuming. The process also posed a safety risk as there was a real danger that an operator could be burnt because of exposure to heating parts.

Rockpress Welding Robot

Project: A primary robot was installed to support the production cycle for an aging, highly qualified and skilled boilermaker team to enhance efficiency and productivity gains around their daily fabrication tasks.

Plasma Paint Removal

Project: An organisation within the Defence industry were looking for innovative ways to safely and efficiently remove paint from a wide variety of difference vehicles. As their previous methods were difficult and ineffective.

Robotic Enquiries

If you have any questions relating to robotics, give us a call on 9761 8500 or fill out the enquiry form!