Orkla Foods 

Orkla Foods is one of the leading manufacturing companies in Europe, among other products, they produce vanilla ice cream. Before the integration of a Universal Robot in their facility they used to have employees manually packing the vanilla ice cream bags into cartons.

Orkla wanted to eliminate this repetitive manual task and automate the production line, this would not only make the process more reliable but also a lot safer. The aim was to find an automated solution that could be flexibly deployed, very reliable, simple to implement and program.

The UR10 from Universal Robots fit perfectly into the requirements that Orkla Foods had. ‘The robot is flexible, easy to implement, simple to program and can perform various tasks in a network with other machines.’ Johan Linné – Site Manager

The UR10 now works independently with an operator checking up on it every now and again. The existing employees who used to be lifting the heavy bags of vanilla ice cream have now been reassigned to operate the Universal Robots, rather than do the heavy lifting.

The return on investment was 6 months for Orkla Foods, they have since been looking for new applications around their organisation where they can use the collaborative robots to further improve their business efficiencies.