2018 was a very successful year for the robotic division at Mobile Automation, significantly improving our sales from previous years and attaining many recognisable awards.

Late last year we were invited to Singapore to attend the annual Universal Robot meet, where we received the ‘Best Productivity Impact Project’ award. This award was given to us for our work at RockPress in QLD, where Rock Press have been able to improve their productivity by 40%. RockPress then went on to integrate a second robot, which functions simultaneously and independent from the other collaborative robot. This not only offered a consistent quality control mechanism for this type of welding application, but also enabled the deployment of another person in a technical/ specialised hand welding role.  Overall adding greater direct value in the way of quality assurance, safety, improved productivity and diversification of team activities.




Secondly, in May this year we were invited to go out to Singapore again for the OnRobot award ceremony. Where we received the award of top selling distributer in the Oceania region for OnRobot products. This was a huge achievement for us and we look forward to continuing to help business streamline efficiencies and increase profits with collaborative robots in the future.