Boral Deer Park had an outdated and inefficient asphalt drying oven which was at the end of its life. These ovens are used for high-forced volume thermal convection applications. They provide uniform temperatures throughout, meaning that they are ideal for drying asphalt for quality control testing.

A new state of the art drying oven was needed to ensure smooth and continuous asphalt production.

As part of a multi disciplinary implementation, the team at Mobile Automation was responsible for:

  • Installation of new wiring to the updated drying oven
  • Ensuring safe and continuous electrical supply to the oven
  • Co ordination of the electrical works with the oven supplier and other trades

This project called for an experienced and capable industrial electrical provider, who had resources to work under ‘short window’ time pressure. It was critical to complete the works within a tight time frame to ensure asphalt production was unhindered.

We were present at the initial start-up meetings to identify risk and plan for contingencies. The major challenge was ensuring that all equipment was available on-site exactly when and where it was needed during various stages. We held ongoing meetings throughout the duration of the project to ensure all works progressed smoothly and that contingencies were developed around any unforeseen circumstances.

In all, we had a team of up to 8 highly specialised electricians on-site at various stages of the project. Resulting in the works being completed to specification and on-time. Upon completion of the job, we received very positive customer feedback stating their satisfaction with the way Mobile Automation worked collaboratively to deliver the project without disruption to asphalt production.

The outcome of the project included; boosting reliability, reducing operating costs and improving overall production.