Atria – Food Manufacturing

Atria is one of Northern Europe’s leading vegetarian and gourmet products manufacturer, they employ 30 full time staff who work side by side with three Universal Robots.

The food and manufacturing company had existing robots in their workplace before the installation of Universal Robots, they found that the traditional robots were high maintenance and expensive which often led to large amounts of downtime. Therefore, Atria began to look for better alternatives.

Atria’s goal was to manufacture a safer and more efficient production line that was easy to adjust and reprogram. After doing extensive research on the robotic market, Atria decided to use Universal Robots. The reason they chose Universal Robots was because of their ease to program, the collaborative functions and the ease of redeployment.

Currently, the Universal Robots are used to apply labels, fold boxes and for palletising, with each production line producing an average of 228 items per hour.

Atria have been very impressed with the Universal Robots because of three main reasons:

  • The short return on investment of 1 year.
  • The operator can control and operate the robot themselves, without the need for an engineer.
  • The quick redeployment, ‘before, it took six hourse to convert to a different product, but with the UR robots change overs happen in just 20 minutes.’

The Universal Robots have been so successful at Atria that they are already planning their next project.