Control Cabinet Design & Manufacture

Control Cabinet Design & Manufacture

We are at the forefront of industrial automation, including the design, manufacture and installation of all types of control cabinets.

We are able to build control cabinets by drawings supplied by your company or you can utilise our design services to design and build the cabinet for your needs. The process that we follow includes a consultation with your business to establish the criteria and specifications that are required, we will then assemble and test the control cabinet in-house, then the control cabinet will be delivered and commissioned by our team of electricians.


Be assured that we use only the best industrial electrical supplies and materials for all components inside the control cabinet, including; our contactors, circuit breakers, variable speed drives and PLC technology. Our cabinets are very customisable to your needs, whether you require an IP rated stainless steel cabinet for corrosive environments or an industrial steel cabinet, we will support your needs regardless of the size.

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