Time to Upgrade your PLC?


Allen Bradley PLC - Mobile Automation

Allen Bradley PLC – Mobile Automation

What is a PLC?

With the exponential growth in automated equipment over the last few decades, the use of PLC’s controlling that equipment has had a similar surge. PLC’s are at the heart of a vast range of machines, and to use this analogy, the PLC program could be viewed as its pulse. A PLC is simply a box of bits until a program is written and downloaded to it. These PLC programs can range from very simple inputs, outputs, counters and timers, to huge and extremely complex programs, controlling entire factories.


What Experience does Mobile Automation have with PLC’s?

Not long after the first primitive PLC’s were built by Dick Morley’s company back in 1968, Mobile Automation’s parent, Mobile Electrics was formed. As the PLC’s grew in power and performance, Mobile Automation also grew. Now Mobile Automation is recognised as the leader in providing PLC programming expertise for virtually all brands, such as Modicon, Siemens, Allan Bradley, Mitsubishi, Omron, Hitachi, etc.


What Types of PLC Applications does Mobile Automation Support?

Over the years, Mobile Automation engineers and technicians have been involved with a vast range of PLC programming applications. From the simplest system, e.g. turning on a light, to a distributed PLC based system controlling an entire factory, we’ve done it all.


Allen Bradley PLC - Mobile Automation

Allen Bradley PLC – Mobile Automation

Why Should you Upgrade your PLC?

Many PLC’s which were installed 10 or more years ago had a fatal flaw- They were battery backed, and all it took was for the battery to go flat-or just fail-while the PLC was turned off, and your program or programs were gone forever. Many factory owners neglected to back up the programs so it’s not uncommon to get calls for support when this happens. Very often, it’s a case of “start from the beginning”.Whereas, most modern PLC’s are not afflicted by this condition.

Another growing problem is availability of spares. Most manufacturers will not support their older models, so it’s wise to spend some money now on an upgrade rather than hope to find a spare part on the internet.


When should I purchase & setup a new PLC?

Mobile Automation as a general rule would suggest business owners seriously look at upgrading their PLC’s when they are 5 to 10 years out of manufacture, depending of course on the size and complexity. And, if you have an obsolete model, you should consider upgrading today.



The team at Mobile Automation are proud of their wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to PLC programming. Over decades Mobile Automation has built an enviable reputation, supplying engineers and technicians to provide the best PLC programming support in the industry. We don’t use passwords to prevent other authorized people from accessing our PLC programs. Our policy is, “you paid for the program, you own it.” And we always have a backup on our database in case the program is corrupted by power spikes etc. We are a 24/7 business, so at any time day or night, weekday or weekend, we will respond.

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