National Manufacturing Week 2017 – Universal Robots 


Mobile Automation has recently taken part in the National Manufacturing Week 2017 by having one of our Universal Robots, the UR5, on show performing several sophisticated tasks on the Universal Robot stand.

We had set up our UR5 with duel grippers to enable it to do twice the amount of work in half the time. The collaborative robot was fixed onto a trolley and programmed to pick up thick plastic rectangles from a spinning carousel, it would then take the plastic over to an induction oven to heat up plastic rectangle, once heated up, take the piece to a forge press where it would be pressed, then drop the piece onto a cooling chute, and lastly use a vision system that was attached to the universal robot to locate and pick up the plastic from the cooling chute and place it back on the spinning carousel. The Universal Robot would continue to repeat this process throughout the day.

Universal Robot Ready for Nation Manufacturing Week


Visit this link to watch our collaborative robot in action:


Universal Robots invited Mobile Automation to the National Manufacturing Week with them as we have established a strong partnership with the robotic company, by becoming tier 1 distributers and system integrators for Universal Robots in Australia.

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