Myth 1: Cobots are Dangerous 

Cobots are not Dangerous.
Universal robots have in-built saftey functions to allow them to work side-by-side with people. Cobots do not need to be caged up behind safety fencing (subject to a risk assessment).

  • ISO 13849 – Resulting in an extremely reliable system

Myth 2: Robots Replace Jobs 

Robots create jobs – better jobs.
Cobots relieve workers from strenuous and repetitive tasks so that workers can take on new roles. Ultimately, human dexterity, critical thinking, decision making and creativity cannot be replaced by machines.

  • Using Cobots, productivity increases by 50%
  • Cobots will create 2 million jobs globally by 2020
  • Only 10% of jobs are fully automatable

Universal Robot | UR3

Myth 3: It’s a Hassle to implement & Maintain Robots

Universal Robots are easy to implement, operate and maintain.
Being compact and light weight, there is no need to change production layout when switching the cobot between tasks. They are easily programmed or redeployed, and require minimal maintenance.

  • Average set up is only half a day!
  • Universal Robots weight as little as 11kg and as much as 29kg!


Myth 4: Robotics Automation is for Complex, Large-Scale Operations

Regardless of the scale of outputs cobots can be deployed.
Simple processes that are repetitive, manual or potentially strenuous for workers are perfect for Collaborative Universal Robots.



Myth 5: Robots are Costly

Universal Robots are cost effective!
Installation requires minimal investment as they do not require major infrastructural changes. They can be redeployed to different functions in the production line, and used around the clock.

  • Average payback period is shorter than 1 year!
  • Companies who have installed Cobot’s have reported up to a 20% decrease in production of unit price


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