This year MegaTrans was held in Australia at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre and we partnered with Sick to create a fully automated logistic solution. This solution involved the use of both the MiR200 and the UR5 (both collaborative robots) using vision systems from Sick.

The process:

  • The MiR200 drives into it’s pre-set position
  • The UR5 then reaches into the MiR200, using vision communicated coordinates to pick up a box placed in the MiR bucket.
  • The box is then placed on a presentation shelf – The UR5 then reaches into an unorganised container of boxes, and using the vision sensors will pick up a box
  • Once the box has been picked up, the UR5 then puts another box into the MiR200
  • Then the UR5 picks another box from the container and places that box on the shelf as well
  • The MiR200 then drives off to go through a traffic management gate, ensuring only the correct traffic is being processed through
  • Once through the traffic management gate, the process is repeated.

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