As being expert in PLC programming services, Mobile Automation is proud to announce they are now distributors for an exciting range of products- The Universal Robots range of collaborative robots.

Three sizes offering 3, 5 and 10 Kg payload capabilities.

The Universal Robots collaborative robots are extremely versatile, simple to program and give users the ability to integrate them into current manufacturing or production processes seamlessly. They are highly collaborative, meaning- in many instances- they can work right alongside people, so there is no need for additional and costly safety guarding.

The UR range is a cost effective solution with many companies enjoying an average return on investment of just over one year. In fact, some users have reported an ROI of just 8 Months!

Which one will suit your business best?

Why not arrange a visit to see our demo UR5 in action!

If you want more information about these amazing products, give us a call, we’d be happy discuss the benefits of providing a cost effective solution for your business, 03 9761 8500.