Education & Collaborative Robots Go Hand-in-Hand

Mobile Automation specialise in collaborative robotic technology and we are the Australian distributor for Universal Robots.

Universal Robots are shaping the future of manufacturing and collaborative robot technology. There’s been a large demand for Collaborative Robots at universities and educational departments.

Swinburne University and RMIT have both integrated Universal Robots into their educational technology sectors. Other schools are considering adding advanced robot technology as part of their education programs. Schools and universities have integrated robots to help prepare their students for life after school, including university and the workforce where Robots will have a larger presence across all sectors of work.

5 main benefits of our Universal Robots are:

  • Fast Set-up
    For educators, unpacking, mounting and then programming typically takes less than an hour for even untrained operators.
  • Easy Programming
    Students with no programming experience can quickly program a Universal Robot thanks to the robots patented, intuitive 3D visualisation.
  • Flexible Deployment
    Set-up of traditional robots is time consuming often taking weeks. With our lightweight Universal Robot, weighing between 11 – 28.9kg our robots are extremely versatile and are seamless to redeploy around your school.
  • Collaborative & Safe
    Universal Robots operate right next to humans worldwide, with no need for safety guarding. So, rest assured educators and students are in safe hands.
  • Fast Payback
    With an average return on investment in just 195 days, automation for education is definitely not out of reach. Universal Robots are affordable because they don’t require traditional automation costs, such as safety guarding or external programming.

To find out more, visit our Universal Robot Page.