Cascina Italia

Cascina Italia is a large egg processing organisation, processing more than 1.5 million eggs per day. Due to the competitive nature of the fresh food market, Cascina Italia must be able to react quickly and efficiently to market demands. To improve the operational efficiency of the production line to be more flexible, the introduction of a robot was necessary.

When choosing the right robot for themselves, a few factors had to be considered. The robot had to have a small footprint, had to relieve workers from repetitive tasks, had to be able to work side by side with employees, not require safety fencing and to be affordable.

Cascina Italia found that the UR5 from Universal Robots covered all the requirements.

A UR5 now controls 1 of the 24 production lines that Cascina Italia has running, preparing large boxes containing 144 cartons of 10 eggs. By the UR5 controlling one of the production lines, it has freed up an employee who can now be doing a more important and less repetitive task.

The return on investment for Cascina Italia was 365 days.