Rosborg GreenHouse


With a greenhouse the size of 100,000 metre squared, the Rosborg Greenhouse is one of the largest agricultural companies in Europe. Since they were established in 2013, they have had significant productivity issues, to remain competitive they looked to automate.

They decided to use collaborative robots to help automate and streamline the process of growing and packing herbs. The Rosborg Greenhouse prides themselves on having state of the art technologies integrated into their working environment to ensure they remain competitive.

With the use of a UR5 Universal Robot and an RG6 OnRobot gripper, the collaborative robots are used to help automate the process of packing cut herbs. When choosing the grippers, flexibility, a wide stroke and a gentle grip were all key features that the gripper had to have, the RG6 OnRobot gripper ticked all of these boxes. With the adjustable force, the RG6 gripper can easily grab the herbs without crushing them, and even grab different sizes, shapes and weights of herbs to the same packing line.

By installing collaborative robots at the Rosborg Greenhouse, they have been able to eliminate repetitive work procedures, reduce labour costs and increase the repeatability of their packaging lines.