Turnkey gripping solutions for Universal Robots.


Mobile Automation are proud to announce that we are distributers for Weiss Robotics, a robotic gripper company who are certified by Universal Robots.

Weiss Robotics offer a simplistic gripper that is compatible with all of the Universal Robot range and it is highly useful in several different applications.  Installation is seamless as the software completely matches with the Universal Robot software, allowing a fast and easy setup.

GRiPKIT is available in several different sizes, all with different gripping forces, ranging from 7.5 Р550 Newtons, making the grippers a perfect fit for a broad range of handling applications. With 20 million cycles guaranteed, the long service life of the Weiss grippers is market leading.

Automated part detection and monitoring comes standard on all Weiss Robotics grippers, making operation stress free as there is no complicated programming, as the gripper does it for you. If your application requires more than one gripper, Weiss Robotics can help you there as well, GRiPKIT supports up to 8 grippers connected to one robot, allowing it to be used in several applications.