Mobile Electrics was recently approached by a leading manufacturer in chocolates and confectionary sweets in Ringwood, Victoria, to design and install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) at their operating plant.

They had an issue that when the street supply had a spike or flicker, any computer controlled equipment in the factory failed, this meant that a restart of the production lines could take hours, which of cause means loss of money.

The UPS uses kinetic energy via 3 x 250 KVA flywheels that provide emergency power for approximately 15 seconds when the main power source flickers or dips, this enables the protected production lines to continue to run unhindered.

Due to the size of the operating plant Mobile Electrics was able to determine that a 750 KVA UPS would be required to protect the relevant equipment. After the design was completed and approved by the plant, Mobile Electrics got the all clear to commence the assembly of the UPS system. The install consisted of installing a 1600amp circuit breaker to the existing main switchboard, new UPS distribution boards and rerouting of the sub circuits to the UPS. All of the changeover cabling work was completed after hours to fit in with manufacturing demands

Mobile Electrics  assisted in the commissioning process, ensuring that everything was complete to a high standard and fit all of requirements provided. Mobile Electrics also completed the installation on time and within budget.

The system the Mobile Electrics has installed uses the latest technology in UPS equipment, ensuring that the plant will not have to worry about power outages for the future. The UPS is now fully operation and protecting the power supply.

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