Universal Robots Australia - The World's No.1 Collaborative Robot

Universal Robots are the number one collaborative robot (Cobot) brand in the world, with over 40,000 units sold globally. All Universal Robots are 6-axis industrial robots that can handle varying payload capabilities of weights up to 16kg.

Universal Robots objective is to offer businesses of all sizes the ability to automate their processes, grow their business and remain competitive. This emerging and exciting new technology of collaborative robots is making big advancements in today’s automated industries, with limitless capabilities and a fast payback rate, collaborative robots are the next step to improve your business.

Mobile Automation is the Australian Tier 1 Distributor and a Certified System Integrator of Universal Robots.

Universal Robot Family
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The Universal Robot Range

The UR3

The UR3 is the smallest member of the UR family, with a payload capability of 3kg and a reach of 500mm. The UR3 has been designed for several different table top tasks, such as; pick and place, light assembly tasks and jobs that require precision accuracy. All joints on the UR3 have +/- 360-degrees of rotation, with infinite rotation on the tool face, making the UR3 the most flexible and versatile light weight robot on the market.

Universal Robot UR3

The UR5

The UR5 is bigger brother to the UR3, with a larger payload capability of 5kg and also a longer reach of 850mm. The larger UR5 has been designed for repetitive pick and place, assembly and machine tending applications. The bigger and stronger UR5 is still equally as accurate as the UR3, with both models having a repeatability of ±0.03mm.

Universal Robot UR5

The UR10

With a reach of 1300mm and a payload of 10kg, this robot is ideal for palletising, packaging, assembly, pick and place, ect. Still quite light with a weight of 29.8kg the UR10 also requires no safety fencing (subject to a risk assessment). Like every robot in the UR range, it comes standard with force detection on all joints, making it a fully collaborative robot.

Universal Robot UR10

The UR16

The UR16 is the largest payload robot that Universal Robot Manufacturers, with capabilities of handling 16kg! This robot is perfect for use in heavy machine tending, material handling, packaging and screw driving applications. The UR16 has a reach of 900mm and a small footprint of Ø190 mm, while keeping all of same collaborative robot features of the smaller models.

Universal Robot UR16
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