SCADA Systems

Maximise profits and productivity with a SCADA system installation

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) is an automation software package that enables customers and manufacturing plants to control, monitor and share technology and information from anywhere within their organisation. Whether it is on the manufacturing floor or warehouse, an entire site can be easily monitored and controlled securely with SCADA’s innovative software technology.

Accessible from any personal computer within the organisation, SCADA technology can show real time data and crucial operating and management functions including true colour graphic visualisations of the state of electrical and industrial machinery on manufacturing lines as well as other factors such as temperature, levels, flow and pressure etc. SCADA can also give detailed accurate reports of production volumes and process alarms including malfunctions and system events.

Suitable for most industries including Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Plants, SCADA technology can give you detailed records of shift logs and can process data over days, weeks, months or even years.

With SCADA programming software installed, you can easily:
  • Reduce implementation costs
  • Optimise production quality
  • Give accurate production information including stock inventory and maintenance / downtime analysis.
  • Reduce company downtime
  • Enhance reliability
  • Increase profitability
  • Maximise safety
  • Reduce training time
Let Mobile Automation source the right SCADA software technology for your industry requirements

Specialising in factory automation services, Mobile Automation has a unique understanding of the challenges facing Plant Managers, Plant Floor Operators and Engineers of manufacturing companies. By introducing SCADA technology to your workplace, you are implementing a cost effective and successful quality management system that will ensure a successful operation of your manufacturing plant.

For more information on how Mobile Automation can integrate SCADA technology to your company, call us on (03) 9761 8500 and we will arrange one of our SCADA programmer/designers to meet with you at your convenience.