PLC Programming & Automation – Our team offers vast experience in system solutions covering practically every PLC manufacturer

Programmable Logic Controllers or PLC’s are digital control system used in factories & industrial environments that constantly monitor the performance and status of input devices & actively makes decisions using the data feed to control the status of the output devices.

Mobile Automation specialises in the field of PLC programming, from hardware and software upgrades for new projects to coding modifications for an existing system. Mobile Automation is more than capable of implementing a custom PLC programming solution to meet your specific needs. Our PLC programming specialises in industrial automation and electrical services, and our PLC engineers ensure their programs are user friendly. Making sure your site personnel can easily understand and navigate the logic during maintenance or system upgrades.

All PLC programs are maintained and upgraded on our server, allowing complete peace of mind that you will have access to ongoing support and technical assistance throughout the life of your control systems.


Mobile Automation’s PLC Programming & Automation services experience includes but not limited to:

  • Allen-Bradley
  • Omron
  • Siemens
  • Mitsubishi
  • Modicon/Schneider
  • Hitachi
  • Texas Instruments
  • Koyo
  • Keyence
  • GE Fanuc

Our Operator Interface Programming and SCADA Systems experience includes but not limited to:

  • Allen-Bradley Panel View HMI
  • Citect SCADA
  • Omron HMI and SCADA
  • Proface HMI
  • Red Lion HMI
  • Schneider Magelis HMI
  • Siemens Simatic HMI

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