At the core of a good Automation System there is most likely a Programmable Logic Controller, or PLC, and the brains inside this device is the program, sometimes referred to as a code.

The difference between a well designed Automation System and a poor system can often be dictated by the expertise of the person writing the program. Of course many technicians and engineers can write code, but good PLC programs can make huge differences in future for additions, upgrades and diagnostics. Mobile Automation technicians and Engineers have a wealth of experience with PLC Programming, from simple code to multi layered function block systems, in LAD, STL and FDB, for virtually any brand.

Mobile Automation is an industry leader in the area of PLC Programming. Our engineers can assist your next automation project with support from conception, design, programming, through to testing and commissioning. We are proficient in virtually every brand of PLC and HMI (Human Machine Interface).

We offer a PLC auditing service so if you have a critical operation, with an old outdated PLC, don’t wait until it stops forever, call us and we will give you the right advice.

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