Octopuz – Robot Programming Software

Mobile Automation has recently signed a distributorship agreement with Octopuz to become the first Australian provider of the Octopuz Offline Robotic Programming and Simulation Software.

Octopuz has 2 major functions:

  • Engineering – To act as a tool for engineers who wish to easily program robots offline. This streamlines the robot programming sequence as their is minimal downtime that the robots will spend being programmed, resulting in a faster turn around of robot program changes. This also eliminates the need to spend days programming traditional robots using coding method. Octopuz eliminates all of the tedious tasks of traditional robotic programming.
  • Sales – Secondly, Octopuz also acts as a sales tool for companies. This is achieved by octopuz having a bank of over 15 different robotic brands that a sales team can ‘drag and drop’ into positions when designing a robotic solution for a client. Octopuz allows companies to streamline the design of robotic solutions by removing the need to use CAD and other time consuming robotic programming softwares.

To gain a full list of the benefits that the Octopuz software will bring to your company, please visit https://octopuz.com/