In my travels as the Business Development Manager for Mobile Automation, it is often apparent to see which companies are struggling and which ones are performing well. The organisations that have invested in automation equipment and technology to streamline their operations are more easily able to adapt their processes quickly and efficiently to satisfy client’s expectations. What is regularly evident from visiting companies that haven’t embraced the automation age is the restricted knowledge about this technology.

An example: a manager might say- “We have 50 different products, and each time we need to set up the equipment for the next job, the operators spend ages fiddling with temperatures, speeds ect to get the product right. Is there anything that can improve this?” Of course there is. With a bit of hardware and software, the process could be reduced to simply selecting the next product on a touch screen; all the settlings for that product- and practically an unlimited quantity of other products- are stored in the software program. Bingo! But this technology has been around for years, and in many businesses now, sometimes it’s hard to find automated equipment that doesn’t have this type of sophistication. And it may be more cost effective than first thought.

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