To be able to perform well at global level, you must be aware of your constantly changing business environment and work effectively, more efficiently and more consistently. You must be able to react quickly to market demands, with flexible manufacturing facilities. Manufacturers are also experiencing increased regulatory requirements to ensure product quality, and full traceability of the manufacturing process. Every aspect of production must be perfectly recorded and documented, from raw inputs, to final product.

We help you to use automation technology as a competitive advantage, streamlining your manufacturing process and lowering production costs while maintaining the highest safety by designing all automation to comply with AS/NZS 60079-14. We focus on all aspects of hazardous areas and plant design for a wide range of industries including petroleum, petrochemical, wastewater and food industries as well as specialist manufacturing and processing plants.

In addition to comprehensive solutions that address every phase of your operation, you gain new control, visualization, networking, information management and regulatory compliance. Our engineers are adept at the complete project lifecycle from concept and feasibility through planning, implementation, installation, commissioning and completion.

Mobile Automation has experience with: