“From conception to completion” is a phrase you may hear now and then. But can your present electrical automation contractor fulfil the phrase?

At Mobile Automation, we are proud to be able to offer the complete package when you are considering a Turnkey Electrical Automation project. We can provide-

  • Consultation regarding the best electrical automation design for the project
  • Electrical control cabinet layout
  • Electrical CAD drawings
  • Machine safety considerations
  • Control cabinet manufacture
  • Field wiring
  • PLC programming
  • Electrical testing and commissioning

As a specialised Electrical Contracting Company, we are ideally structured to offer the whole package, from “Concept to Completion.”

Next time you are looking for a competent, highly regarded contractor to provide an automation solution for your project, give Mobile Automation a call on 03 9761 8500 or simply fill in the details on the right.