Mobile Automation, 03 9761 8500. Mobile Automation recently completed an Electrical Automation project for an Asphalt plant in the Dandenong-South, Keysborough area. This entailed designing and installing a new system to ensure the asphalt was constantly mixed and heated, which resulted in significant reductions to the plants operating costs.

When short term power outages occurred on the site after hours, it caused the system to shut down, so the product cooled and became unworkable. Many hours were then spent the following day warming and mixing the asphalt back to it’s correct temperature. Whilst we aren’t able to prevent power outages, Mobile Automation installed an “auto-dialler”. This was triggered whenever the control system detected a problem, and sent up to for people an SMS, notifying them of the situation, which was then repeated every half an hour until being reset by an attendee. The product says hot and the client saves money.

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