Control Panel Hardware Design & Installation


Mobile Automation offers complete control panel design, manufacture, and testing and commissioning. We consult with you to establish the exact specifications required for your new or upgraded control system.

Whether your new system is a single panel or multiple large cabinets, Mobile Automation guarantees high quality, safety, and reliability of your new automation equipment. Leading the way in factory automation solutions, our designers and panel builders take pride in their products.

When developing control panels our designers consider the specific purpose of the machine that the control panel will serve.  In the process of developing, our designers also take extra care in ensuring compliance with electric codes and safety requirements. This ensures operator safety and convenience and improved machine accessibility for maintenance, repair, cleaning and security needs.

Our designers and panel builders also use hardware and software that are efficient in the assembly, testing, installation of control panels and maximising the reuse of intellectual property.

Mobile Automation’s can assure you a control panel hardware design that enhances performances and reduces wiring costs by distributing components beyond the panel. We integrate the appropriate sensors, logic devices, actuators, automation programs and other rugged network protocols, wired or wireless to meet your enterprise and supply chain goals.

Control Panel Design and Manufacture:

  •  Consultation for Client Requirements
  • Preliminary CAD Drawings
  •  Drawing Approval by Client
  •  Issue of ‘Approval to Build’ Drawings
  •  Control Panel Construction
  •  As-built CAD Drawings
  •  Factory Acceptance Testing

Manufacturing Phase:

  •  Inventory Checks
  •  Gear Tray Layout
  •  Mounting of Control Gear
  •  External Interface Wiring
  •  Point-to-point Testing
  •  Live Testing

Software Design Includes:

  •  PLC Coding
  •  Servo/VSD Parameter Setting
  •  Operator Interface Recipe Programming
  •  Data Acquisition and Logging Communication Settings

Every system is monitored throughout the build process, ensuring that all components meet your specifications. Prior to dispatch, every panel is subjected to rigorous factory acceptance testing.Whether your solution is just a simple enclosed motor starter or an elaborate PLC-based control system, we will always provide the highest quality product at the best price.

For more information on our control panel hardware services, please contact us on (03) 9761 8500 today.