On Robot was founded in Denmark in 2015 and has since gained good traction in the robotic world and is a now a leader in robotic accessories for Universal Robots.

The RG2 gripper is On Robots main product which they supply to Universal Robots, it is a flexible electric collaborative gripper specially designed for all three of the robots from Universal Robots. The long stroke allows the gripper to handle a wide variety of objects and it is possible to adjust the gripping force of the RG2 to handle both delicate or heavy objects.

Universal Robots certified On Robot as official dealers of products for their robots and are featured on their website. The RG2 is so outstanding because of how easy it is to install onto a Universal Robot as you just have to attach screws and then plug in one cord, and to program it is just as simple, as the RG2 has integrated its software with Universal Robots.

Features of the RG2

  • Plug n’ play – mount, connect, run script.
  • Failsafe operation – gripping force is maintained in case of power loss
  • Force & width detection
  • Simple installation- runs directly from robot
  • Integrated control board – no need for wiring or external programming
  • Flexible – able to handle many different objects
  • Supports two grippers – two grippers can be operated at once
  • Adjustable force

Mobile Automation is a distributer for On Robot in the Oceania region.