Industrial Robotic automation can elevate your business allowing you to increase output and efficiency in your manufacturing process.

We integrate collaborative robots into your existing processes to reduce time spent on menial tasks and increase production.

The average payback time on a robot is 195 days, at this point you will see significant increases in your return on investment. This payback time frame can be a lot quicker if you have shift workers working around the clock.

Mobile Automation would like to announce that we are a sales and integration supplier for a range of collaborative robots including Universal Robots, Shadow Robots,
MiR Units & On Robot.

Our robotic automation solutions are growing and we are continuously working on optimising your processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs & sustain a level of accuracy.

Robots have been supporting industries improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase output, if you need industrial robots to help your business process call our automation team now to discuss the right solution for your.

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